These are what you gain from the book

  • The number #1 thing to do to attract high-paying clients to yourself.

Here you discover the most important thing to do to attract high-paying clients and customers. This is where some professionals and business owners miss it. We treated this on. Page 8

  • The Best Way to Make Your Clents/Customers Chase you instead of you chasing them

Here you will learn how to position yourself for clients to come calling you. It is similar to fishing with net instead of fishing with spear. Fishing with net gives better results more than fishing with net. These are some of the ways some professionals and business owners fish with spear. 

a. They call prospects and tell them that their company offer so and so services. And they saw that they could help. Most of the time the prospect hang up the call. 

b. They Send unsolicited messages to sms, emails and Whatsapp numbers. 

c.  They advertise their works on their social media handles, Whatsapp status etc. Though this good but it is still fishing with spear. There is a more smarter way of doing it. 

  • How to use UCR Method to get customers and clients 

Here we define  UCR method and how to it can be applied to virtually all professions and businesses. Here are few advantages of UCR method. 

a. It helps your brand gain popularity

b. It helps prospect discover you before developing interest in you and patronizing you. 

c. It helps build trust so that prospects can trust you and patronize you. 

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